Immigration Interpreters Association

The Immigration Interpreters Association (IMINTERA) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was created in September 2003 and its members are professional freelance interpreters and translators who provide services to the IRB and other public and private organizations.

All members of IMINTERA have been accredited by The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).

The Immigration Interpreters / Translators Association does not contract with its individual Interpreters/Translators or other potential clients in order to provide Interpreter/Translator freelance services.

Clients who require individual Interpreters / Translators services from our members are free to approach these individual members and contact and engage in a contract for services with these members on a freelance and individual basis.

The fees, terms or conditions of the freelance contract or agreement are outside the scope and concern of the Immigration Interpreters / Translators Association, and the said Association will not be involved in any dispute or problem arising out of a freelance relationship.

Although the mission of our Association is to ensure that standards are maintained, the Immigration Interpreters / Translators Association accepts no liability for the conduct or behaviour of its individual members.

To apply to become a member of Imintera, fill out the following application form.